Authentic Mexican Silence

by If We Go At All

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released December 9, 2014



all rights reserved


If We Go At All Boston, Massachusetts

sometimes loud sometimes soft
reverb rock.

celebrating success in doing it wrong.

dig it.

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Track Name: Anteroom
In the time of other nightmares, the plays the thing
you can follow scenes with captions but forget to read
On an empty northern highway, while you strain to see
All the times that felt familiar led to differing

Sliding off and then a ceiling, I don't have to charge
you just sit here and be quiet in your permanence
wishing effort came with favor, I know how to judge
from a leftist conversation or an argument

Isn't it in here that you wanted me to see about and turn
over things that read like a manual that gets lost in your room
Isn't it in here that you wanted me to see about and turn
over things that read like a manual that gets lost in your room

Seeking patterns for a parlor you were asked to bring
now forget what I had told you I'll paint everything
with a base coat of familiar but leave lines to draw
the conclusions and the statements and the arguments
Track Name: Shallows
This is where we swam we when had nothing else to do
an evening spent with friends that had become an afternoon.
In many ways and many things the cast would stay the same
a preface for the angle that tomorrow begs to take.

Granted access to the game a walk that turns itself
into a running game of what was left in someplace else
the mixing scenes of everything that came and went along.
the dampness of the youth that dries as freedom through a storm

Arms are burning tired but you can make it out to the other side
currents filled with doubts that you can savor, floating everything like a tide.
a consolation given with a pulling motion we go into the shore
you said you been there once but that was back before.

Sailors from the edges calling out to sound alarms
defining baggage on the shores appearing in the dawn
the washed out scenes and soaked machines that roll in with
the wake
the picture floats now out of view, you've got no place or stake.
Track Name: Missed Connections
Looking up from the ground, this stations seems to cut out on me
now the song is the sound. It makes me feel the best I can feel
but its over now. Here's a spiraling trend after beating around
the bushes I'm coming to thoughts that had to be read but had failed to send.

So you come into town, your landing on the day of the week that I'm spending in jail. A party that is built and complete with the people that gave to the house like they said. And the people that saved, instead of just playing. Some reports have been read with a shaking hand.

If you ever need a reason not to try, then I can give insight
in and out. Things to point out to your friends throughout the night
that I can't help but fight on about.
Track Name: As a Giant
Given the way, you fall down.
inside grace a dancers bow.
Clearing a space for when it steams
crossing the plains in minor keys

This is the sound of you gone blind
cornering now with colored lights
there isn't faith, or room to breathe
you as a giant all will see

These scenes, restless inside dreams
but how can I cease retreat?
into the ink, engines carry me
over your myths, aphorisms